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Jeffery West shoes are all about the detail. Blending the trendsetter and  traditionalist worlds, Jeffery West shoes  give any outfit a truly unique lift.
Jeffery West  – the rebellious men’s shoe brand from the heart of the UK footwear industry in Northampton.

Jeffery West shoes boast a long line of history and experience, serving to ensure that this footwear brand offers nothing but the finest quality and longevity.  Jeffery West aim to inject a bit of mischief into the men’s shoe market, proudly adorning its shoes with risqué images and strange designs. Nonetheless Jeffery West shoes are still more than suitable for business wear…. you can happily stride into the office in a pair of these saucy shoes, secure in the knowledge that you’ve jazzed up the office a little.
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Men’s Shoes in Melbourne

It’s not true that men don’t care about what they wear, just like it’s not true that all women are crazy about the shoes and clothes they wear. Keeping those stereotypical ideas behind, it can be said that shoes form a very important part of everybody’s wardrobe. They are an essential complement to your attire that will add magic to your look. So, choosing the right kind of shoes according to your outfit is very important. And if you want to create your own style, then shop for a stylish and unique collection of men’s shoes in Melbourne only at Manfred’s Shoe Lounge.

Our fashionable range of men’s shoes offers the latest trends in footwear, from biker boots to professional wear and casual to party shoes. Our selected spread quality shoes consist of brands like Jeffery West, English Loake shoes and Harold shoes. From various types of leather, suede and cloth you are sure to find the perfect choice of shoes from Manfred’s Shoe Lounge.

Go classic with our Black collection of men’s shoes in Melbourne or make your own style statement with rosewood polish shoes and brightly patterned designs. We strive to provide you with an exceptional service and are thrilled to see our customers return again and again.

In order to find the best quality and trusted brand men’s shoes in Melbourne, stay connected with us for your best shopping experience!

Try Our Men’s Shoes in Melbourne

Try our men’s shoes and walk a mile with some amazing memories! Add a touch to your style and a get a splash of casual with our exclusive range of shoes.

It is said that a unique pair of shoes makes a man. And with the perfect choice, it is possible. So, the Manfreds Shoe Lounge offers an elegant edit of men’s footwear, with new styles in every day. Shop our selection of brand-name Jeffery West, Loake Shoes and Harold shoes for men and see where your next step will lead.


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