About Jeffery West

Jeffery West is the rebellious men’s shoe brand from the heart of the UK leather industry in Northampton. Even at the age of 16, childhood friends Mark Jeffery and Guy West were making their own line of shoes which they sold at Kensington Market, and they eventually established the Jeffery West brand in 1987 and began designing and producing shoes in earnest. Jeffery West shoes are thus based on a long line of history and experience, which serves to ensure that this footwear brand offers nothing but quality. Men’s shoes by Jeffery West aim to inject a bit of mischief and a bit of deviancy into the men’s shoe market, and Jeffery West hence proudly adorns its shoes with risqué images and abnormal designs. Nonetheless the range of men’s Jeffery West shoes is still more than suitable for business wear, and you can happily stride into the office in a pair of these smart and saucy shoes, secure in the knowledge that you’ve somehow jazzed up the office a little just by wearing them.

Born and bred in Northampton, the historical centre of the British shoemaking and leather industries, childhood friends Mark Jeffery and Guy West founded their first shoe making business at just sixteen years old. Today, Jeffery West is recognised as one of Britain’s key footwear originators and prides itself on quality and authenticity. By using the finest materials and time honoured techniques, Jeffery West create collections that not only define the essence of style, but redefine the meaning of elegance.

Mixing elements from Victorian knocking shops to rock ‘n’ roll aristocracy, Jeffery West is all about the detail – the satyr’s cloven hoof cut heel, the military inspired red lining, and the gothic architecture influenced diamond punching. Both a trendsetter and a traditionalist, Jeffery West shoes can give even the most minimal of outfits a truly original lift.

Still handmade in Northampton, Jeffery West has kept true to the traditional manufacturing techniques. Each shoe is made by hand using the ‘Goodyear welt’ construction process, which has been the foundation of traditional bespoke shoemaking for over 130 years.

Walk On The Wilder Side With Jeffery West

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